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Software summary


VSF stands for Visual Sensor Fusion. What does this mean?

VSF is capable of fusing different kinds of sensors in a visual manner. This way it is possible to combine 3D and 2D images.

VSF can be used to measure a suspect on a camera image with reference of a 3D scan of the environment. Data that couldn’t be measured before can now be used with help of 3D scans.


In the future it might also be possible to use other sensors:


Depending on the modules you have purchased there are a verity of functions possible.


Base module; Fusing 2D & 3D together.

In the base module it is possible to fuse a 3D pointcloud with a 2D camera image. This creates the basic scenery to work with in the other modules.


Module Suspect measurement

This module is used for suspect measurements. The suspect measurements can be placed in the base module.


Module Suspect measurement, virtual human

This module is an extension of the suspect measurement.

It gives the user the possibility to position a virtual human in different poses.


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